August 1976 was the Surf Heroes issue. We asked the best surfers in Australia who were their idols and why. There were some fascinating perspectives, but Peter Townend best reflected the rise of professional competition: “I haven’t got any surf heroes – just me! That’s the way it’s got to be these days!”

Wayne Lynch: “In the very early days the guys I idolised were Phil Edwards then Midget and Nat. I guess then it was more a matter of admiration. I really admired Bill Monie. He was incredible at Bells.

“We’ve got a right hand break out off the Lorne pier that breaks when Bells does, it’s a miniature of Waimea. John used to get out there and tear the place apart. He used to switch-foot on those waves. He was a really aggressive surfer, he dragged me out at Foresters a few times when it was pretty big. At present there are a lot of guys I admire. Lopez is probably the guy I admire most because of his surfing and his whole attitude.

Among those we talked to were Mark Richards, Mark Warren, Simon Anderson, Peter Drouyen, Col Smith, Gordon Barnes, Terry Fitzgerald and Ron Ford.


Ted Bainbridge reflects on the Surf Heroes issue: “When I interviewed Bob Cooper in that issue, and asked who his surf heroes were, he said Dora, Phil Edwards and Minyouse. That last surfer, of course, is Mickey Munoz, but I failed to look up the spelling in the Hobie ads as Bob suggested. My apologies Mickey!”