Bells Easter, 1975: Breakway partner and editor Keith Platt is talking to winner Michael Peterson, who just won the event for the second successive year: “I’m thinking about dropping out all together. This winning all the time – it’s weird.”

Peterson then skipped home carrying cheque, another gold-plated bell-shaped trophy and another rather large piece to add to his already long string of wins.

Peterson won Bells ‘74, won just about every other contest held since, and returned again – to prove last year’s effort was no fluke. No one really needed convincing.

“Day Three, Sunday: Like the biblical Christ, the swell rose.

Wave size three was frequently called and surfers in heats usually split into two groups riding Rincon and the Bowl. Rincon riders sometimes got through to the Bowl.

This day also saw Wayne Lynch make his debut return to contest surfing. For once the rumours of his participating were true. Most were glad to see his return and relieved that he was still a Bells’ master.

Lynch caught the only left all day and his it-looks-easy style notched up points as he back-hand re-entried his way to the beach.